Forum Scientiarum

2018 Spring Academy: Submission Information

The Summer Academy is open to students from all universities and fields of research.

For your application please submit the following documents:

Those who intend to conduct presentations must also attach to the application a short abstract (1000 words max.) in order to outline the project or case study to be introduced during the winter school.

Deadline for the receipt of complete application is June 15th, 2018. A letter of admission will reach successful applicants by July 15th.

There is no program fee. The Forum Scientiarum seeks to facilitate the participation of competent students from all over the world and is willing to partially cover travel expenses in exceptional cases. However, given our limited budget, please make sure to consider other funding possibilities. Applications for funding need to be thoroughly justified. Furthermore, we will assist participants in finding inexpensive accommodation.

All Applications should be sent to ana-silvia.muntespam